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Retail Market Leader

Emi’s career at Apple has spanned four regions and two countries. She started in Long Island, then advanced to opportunities in Manhattan; Washington, DC; and now Tokyo. “I discovered there was an opening in Japan through a conversation with my manager. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Today, I’m a market leader here, working with stores east of Tokyo and getting ready to open two more this year.”

From the very beginning of her career at Apple, Emi felt supported by her colleagues — especially management. In fact, her manager in New York was one of the first people she told that she was gay. His encouragement gave Emi the confidence to come out to her family.

I realized early on how open and accepting Apple was. There isn’t just one specific example or story — it’s how everyone truly wants you to be yourself.

Now, as she and her wife are settling in to life in Tokyo, Emi is using her role as a leader to make sure that her teams have the same feeling of acceptance and belonging that she has at Apple.


Accessibility and Speech Test Engineer

Ibrahim is driven by the desire to empower people of all abilities. When muscular dystrophy caused him to lose mobility, Apple’s Switch Control made it possible to use his iPhone with the joystick on his wheelchair. And in college, he gave talks that raised awareness among educators about the importance of accommodating people with disabilities.

At Apple, Ibrahim uses his passion and problem-solving skills to make technology more accessible for everyone across a broad range of physical abilities. This has led to many new assistive technologies and accommodations.

We hired a QA engineer with low vision who showed us how he lives on his devices from day to day. He had to invert colors manually every time he wanted to see a picture. So we created a new feature called Smart Invert that does it automatically.

In addition to Ibrahim’s work as a test engineer, he is frequently consulted by other teams to improve accommodations for employees with disabilities. He’s collaborated on projects for Switch Control, AssistiveTouch, and Siri capabilities. “I am determined to make things more accessible because I know it’s going to help other people, not just me.”


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